Anadolu A.Ş. has been operating arm and leg prosthetic-orthosis market since 1988. Since its establishment, it has been providing the best service without compromising. As authorized distribution of the world's biggest prosthetic manufacturers in Turkey, Anadolu A.Ş. provides prosthetic orthosis clinic service with expert staff in its own clinics. At the same time, it supplies products to other prosthetic orthosis clinics in Turkey.

College Park was incorporated in Michigan on July 1, 1988, and today designs and manufactures a full line of anatomically correct, customizable prosthetic foot and ankle systems sold in over 35 countries. College Park is

ISO 13485 certified with an extensive focus on quality testing, and proudly sources and produces entirely in the USA. We recently relocated back to the same street the very first office space was rented, and the new headquarters has given College Park a 30% increase in manufacturing space to optimize production and keep up with demand.

The College Park tagline for the past 25 years “Technology for the Human Race” encapsulates our passion for creating new benchmarks in prosthetic design and restoring maximum function for lower limb amputees of all ages and activity levels all over the world.

Our story starts in 1994 when we began serving the industry with four components. We started by offering quality American made parts to the prosthetic industry and still do today.

While supplying parts our customers used every day, we started asking questions and began a collaborative effort with professionals in the prosthetic industry. Each year, through trade shows and clinic visits, customer interaction led to more opportunities to solve problems and improve products.

As it expanded over the years, the business outgrew several Green Bay locations, settling into its current facility on Ontario Road in 2002 and the creation of American Prosthetic Components, Inc. The Company began manufacturing its own high quality aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and plastic components. Listening and responding to the needs of customers, and focusing on new product development, led to nine patents and a product line of nearly three hundred parts.

In 2011 our company received capital investment which helped accelerate growth and allowed us to remodel our facility and improve operational flow. American Prosthetic Components, LLC now provides products along with outstanding customer service to facilities and distributors throughout the world; proudly offering same day shipping and minimal back orders.

APC Headquarters in Green Bay

Voxelcare is a software and hardware engineering company with over 18 years experience in the development of industrial applications ranging from special purpose CAD/CAM systems, contact and non contact 3D scanning devices, 2D scanning devices, industrial vision and CNC systems for different kind of machines.

Most of the components of the industrial systems, like electronics, hardware, firmware and software are developed inside the company, which enables a high control on the product and a very small dependence on third party elements. This "most in house" policy leads to a very fast response product support and a great flexibility in product adjustment and modifications.

Our markets are the worldwide footcare and footwear industry such as orthopaedic, podiatric and shoe producing companies. Voxelcare products are sold either directly or through a distribution network, with customers all over the world.

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